Thursday, February 3, 2011

My room at Oxford

Sweet little Ship Street:

My little room in the attic:

They give us this really horrendous bedding that has me singing 'hotel motel Holiday Iiiinn' to myself every time I come in. To be a total baby, having only one pillow is really rough.

And the view from my window onto Jesus College:

So I'm at St Catz, but I'm living in a 17th century (could be 18th) row house in the center of town with an adorable little stoop and red door that belongs to Jesus College. There are ten of us. Quite funny, as we tend to wonder aloud: 'Did uh Jesus come change your sheets today?' 'I guess we should ask Jesus where we do laundry.'



C. C. Mock said...

looks like someone cleaned their desk before the photo shoot?

mockumentary said...

Yes, I DID! Why do you have to be so embarrassing! You're lucky I'm not as sensitive as someone else we know..