Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Story time

Rosie and I were just settling down to our evening tea when she spots something caught in our boat's ropes. We hop to the edge to examine, promptly gag, and search frantically for a paddle of sorts. (This was the second time that day that I'd used the oar thing, as I'd dropped a bunch of letters to Baby B into the Ionian Sea that morning.) Pushed the decrepit thing (the former tentacle of a sizable octapus?) away. 

Then the wind changed and the currents brought It and The Most Putrid Stink Ever back toward the boats. Ruined tea and -- while I'm proper-nouning and superlative-ing things -- our generous spoonfuls of The Thickest and Most Delicious Greek Yogurt Ever. So tender. And given the setting, I think it fitting to say that it is ambrosial!

So we waited for it to bob back.

Bob bob bob.

I ran around pushing it along the width of the two catamarans until it came to the pier.

Was very difficult to stabilize it, slippery thing.

Flung it across the concrete pier and watched it bob away. The smell lingered on and by that time, our tea was cold. But that's alright, I like cold mint tea.

I will have you know that this is the most exciting thing that ever happens in island time.


Britte said...

GROSSOS! But mint tea is always good, cold or not :)

C. C. Mock said...

you didn't want to try it with some lemons?

mockumentary said...

Jesus Christos!

Rose said...

aw man, no Crazy Face!