Monday, September 21, 2009

R Rüm

We've moved two doors down! Same dingy and crackling wallpaper, one fewer window, but plus mega square footage and a fireplace!!

Will preface this by saying that among other others, ja - ich brauche eine neue Kamera!

My roommate Lauren got this for me (she's from Princeton). LOVE IT SO HARD:


VIVAN curtains, 10 at Ikea

We spotted a fallen branch propped up against it's mama tree on Chapin Lawn. Sweet, sweet Lindsay took me to the mechanical shop where all the engineering majors cut steel bars wearing those fugly protective glasses. Thought it would look cool if we had really thin, straight birch branches propped vertically inside the fireplace (like a single tier of bamboo), but it looked really stupid when we tried it with these thicker branches. So horizontal and orderly:

Lauren got these supafine moroccan boxes at home. Presumabely expensive because she won't tell me how much they were.

Angela and Dylan brought a handful of these leaves to our Mr. T themed tea party on Sunday. Lauren and I decided to do something with them... a la The Canvas Cafe in 2006?

Spy the Amy Butler fabric from Peapod below? BODY PILLOW MM!!

Little alcove next to the fireplace! Essential hot water boiler/heater and weeds from Community Gardens. We got the little ribbed milk glass lamp at Northampton Antiques for 15.

Olive ribbon from Essentials

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jo said...

daaayum your room is hella spacious with good lighting. i like the olive ribbon. classy.