Tuesday, June 8, 2010

When you think you're on to something

And someone moneyed does it too, only way better and much, much bigger.

Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance & the Camera at the Tate Modern/SFMOMA versus my "Stolen Moments: Photographic Voyeurism and the Law."

Exposed! That is much snappier than anything involving "moments." I guess I should be happy about concurrent thoughts? Or we are on some sort of collective kick/social trend with voyeurism? At least I am in good company!

Uncomfortable commute home. Two guys got into a ridiculous argument on the subway. I changed lines. An eerily emotionless mother-to-daughter interrogation about being gay (on the freaking subway during rush hour!) Transferred again. My trip made all better by seeing a guy in a seriously tailored pinstripe suit and patent black ANKLE BOOTS. How cool is that! Does he own a bowler hat, too?!


C. C. Mock said...

Wow! all sorts of drama on the subway... I would have stayed to watch both!

Britte said...

Feel good that you thought of something similar at the same time as the Tate!

Im jealous of the guy you saw though... sounds soo good.
But Emmy, you have never seen so many well-dressed men as I am seeing here. Its ridiculous.

doctorpon said...

Mister Manners says, "Common courtesy dictates that domestic tuffles have no place on public transportation!"