Thursday, July 24, 2008

branching out

Birch - safe to say - was a trend.
This is interesting though yeah? I would never want to wake up and walk into this bathroom, especially because I've had a repeat dream in which I'm stuck in the Forest of Fangorn with angry Ents. Imagine how scared you'd be if you went to pee in the middle of the night and you think you see a face in the bark. Also, how scary would it be if the trees blew in the wind when high.
I like the marble counter top. Gold detailing with gold mirror.

Birch planters from Etsy, and a lot of other places.

I don't care much for the planters holding flowers, but how about a little mound of moss atop a fat and stout little birch planter?

The planters and the bathroom I don't mind, but the Macy's window installment on Stockton is incredibly ugly.

In a monochromatic room, this hand-built frame would be perfect. I would hope that sleeping in this would not induce Ent-filled dreams.

Easy DIY if you find the right branch.
The bug wall appliques are fugly.

From the MoMA Store:
It's certainly striking, but not very good on the Tempting Fruit appeal.

Branch Spoons by Jean Pradelle:


jo said...

OGGGGH! hah i like the bed frame! room has to be hella big though. dont like the big flies on the wall.

jMA said...

omgggggg! i love the bed with the little bird nest and the branch hanger! fuckkingg ridic!