Thursday, July 24, 2008

MoMA mia!

I just MoMA Store-browsed for like two hours. Fucking amazing favorites:

For my pet pig obsession (or porky stews), the Pig Cooking Lid from Marna Inc.:

Dozi Paperclip Holder by Mika H. J. Kim in two adorable colors. It would make even more sense for the prickly guys to hold sewing pins.

Lillian bought an all-white wall clock that was featured in Domino similar to the Riki Desk Clock by Riki Watanabe (what a fun name). Is the orange too Ikea? Oh yes, there is definitely such thing.

Omg efficiency:

Cork Notebook from DCI. Vary from the conventional cowhide, moleskine, and cardboard.

Beloved Hug Salt and Pepper Shakers (Alberto Mantilla), from a previous post:

Napkin Notebook. I can and will do this.

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