Wednesday, July 9, 2008

lepidoptera + chrysanthemum

Fourth of July block party flowers. I didn't have time to go to the wholesale market in SoMA, so I overpaid at a florist in North Beach next to work.

White chrysanthemums in a teapot. I love the tea and I like the ironyfullness of it, of course.

SoMA. Is it South of Market Area or SOuth of MArket? NoPa is Northern Pandle but the New York SoMA is otherwise.

Most of Northern California is absolutely nothing but a crapload of Green and Pretty. Some adventurous family members and I took a trip up to Oregon: Crater Lake, Big Bend, and various mosquito-infested sites.

Mosquitoes love my delicious blood and those little bastards carry DISEASES! I have been ravaged, and not in the kinky way.

I saw this caterpillar at a truck stop. I can't find the species. Probably something common. But OMGAH check out this Saddleback Caterpillar. OMG so cool. Such a bad little demon.

My little lepidoptera:

I know it's evil, but we brought home some frogs. I know it's terrible and they're probably going to die very soon, but I've prepared a really really nice terrarium for them and gajeebers, for nostalgia's sake? And they're FUCKING CUTE.

"Question. Where can I put my terrarium?" Heh heh hehhhhh.
((Really though, where the hell should I put my terrarium? I doubt any other herpetology enthusiasts read this, but anyone know? Would a greenhouse be okay? Because it's perfect temperature and combination of direct/indirect sunlight during the day, but I don't want to warm their water too much because they're from a lake and the lake water was frigid. But then their soil (I found them bordering soil, gravel, and lake shore) was warm. But then the greenhouse is too cold at night and I don't want to disturb them by moving them up and down the stairs all the time. So for now the terrarium is in my room on my floor. The difficulty with this is the fact that I can't turn on my lights past sundown because that would disturb their day/night patterns. And the dust! I also didn't bring any soil from the site and now they can't burrow!! I'm fucking nervous because we haven't been particularly wise with our other frogs (RIP, dudes).))

By the way, there is such thing as a city called Weed, California and KFC buffets.


jo said...

weed, CA, and chicken wings look tasty. cute.

Joe the Cat said...

those are toads. i'm pretty sure.