Tuesday, July 15, 2008

love thy neighbor!

I always judge a book by its cover. Easy enough with these:

Don't you love his face. What a pretentious badass.


My neighborino was having a little sidewalk sale. I scored two framed prints and a metal vanity chair for five bucks. (Although I may or may not have pretended to be a genuinely nice person by helping her move a stereo.)

The Ziegfeld Girl poster is an original (now I have to watch the movie). Carmencita is a remake, but I love the frame.

It's actually really sturdy.

I rearranged my above-bed. My cousin Lillian and her husband Tim's place has four framed album covers that are really beautiful together with super-saturated colors. Since my wall color is so toned down and my room is mostly pastels with shots of color, I decided to keep my four covers muted and understated (with a vulgar undertone, of course).



Richel said...

I like you. You make me feel warm on the inside, like rummy tiramisu.

jo said...

I LOOOOVE THE CHAIR. but its so tiny! i am long overdue for a visit!