Tuesday, March 24, 2009

attic spaces

This post is mostly for my parents, who are in the process of remodeling our attic. Guess who gets to do the interior?!!

Cheery yellow w exposed wood from Country Living. I like the floral wallpaper on the accent wall, the iron bed frame, and the built in shelves maximizing space. Although I would remove the boring beige carpet - looks like beautiful hardwood underneath.

Similar yellow floral wallpaper at Laura Ashley:

Erin £25.45; Wolcott £21.54

Not a skylight, but doesn't this window feel like one? Lagerlings

Eek! Too modern, but I really like how the bed continues into seating and a dining area. See the following image (AT SF house tour in Oakland) of a platformed bed. What if you filled an entire end of a narrow room with a platform? Elevate the bed. Queeste Architecten

Symmetrical, storage in the eaves, colorful without being startling. Monkey Cottage, from Cottage Living.

Curvy headboards for a strict space. Symmetry! Domino


A floor-to-ceiling window! I like that it seems to open for the top half. Attics and other small spaces would not seem confining with enough symmetry. Room further divided with privacy curtains. Domino

Romantic - yes, but also gloomy and possibly termite-ridden. It might not be possible to expand the windows, but if you had the heart, stone wall and rafters could be painted white. At any rate, the rug is too dark and dingy and the above-bed space definitely needs something brighter - not black! What a beautiful canopy!

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