Monday, March 30, 2009

Kikette Interiors

I've been feeling shitty, and this french interior makes me feel so clear and content. Sterile and washed but so homey.
From wonderful blog Kikette Interiors.


Thomas Riley York said...

My favorite picture is the fifth... the sunroom really elegantly extends from that brick wall... I had to look for the corrugated roof, it didn't stand out against the brick at all. And yet elegantly rusted support beams! And Ivy gently leaning off the beams!

Basically my future house just needs a full climate controlled greenhouse where I'll obsessively grow orchids.

C. C. Mock said...

I love the 1st pic. The rustic beams contrast the clean, white washed interior...hmmm, could the metamorphosis of your dad's attic space be directed to this form? Sein und Zeit...