Friday, March 27, 2009


What today felt like

New England is finally getting some sun. It even smells like spring.

I've been thinking about attic spaces and rugs a lot lately. My roommate and I are trying to decide what sort of rug to get for our hugemongo double next year - high ceilings, two windows, and a fireplace! She wants a cute, light-colored floral rug and window-length white curtains. I'm trying to go for sheer white drapery on the ceiling that extends to the windows with about two inches on the floor. Would also be content with no rug (bc we have hardwood and I love that) or a cheap Ikea Persisk rug. Firmly believe that persian rugs are befitting for any space - bathrooms and backyards included.

Now if we could knock out the back wall of the attic (in SF) and fill with windows...

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Lindsay said...

I so want to be here. Although if this was my room, I'd probably never leave. But then, who'd want to? It reminds me of the Indian inspired room in the Little Princess.