Thursday, June 18, 2009

Faber & Faber 80th

For it's 80th Anniversary, Faber & Faber re-released six of its poetry classics. The book covers were designed by Mariam Rosenbloom and illustrated by six artists. The heavy lines from block printing remind me of the old The Hobbit cover.

You know very well that we all judge books by their covers. So what beautiful covers! I'm really liking the monochromatic/black+white with one other "pantone," as printmaking snobs like to say about their "colours."

John Betjeman illustrated by Joe McLaren

W. B. Yeats illustrated by Nick Morley

T. S. Eliot illustrated by Claire Curtis

The other three:
Sylvia Plath (who went to Smith!) - i by Peter Lawrence
Ted Hughes - i by Mark Hearld
W. H. Auden - i by Paul Catherall

On books, I finally finished The Idiot and am excited to start on The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, much to Tim and Willy's hurrahs and Lillian's blehs. But maybe I should just read HP or Bridget Jones like my childish/trashy self wants to. "There and back again..."
Any good reads for you?

Photos via FaceOut Books (so good!)

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Thomas Riley York said...

Wind-Up Bird Chronicle! All Murakami is generally a good call.

I love the designs on those covers...

I also love Penguin's Great Idea covers. Yay for typefacessssss: