Saturday, June 20, 2009

der Vatertag

The last several Sundays have been really entertaining - driving around the City with my parents, spending half an hour in each neighborhood to check out open houses. 1 to 5. You should do this even when not in the market for buying. Fantastic way to get ideas, get inspired, and as I was discussing with Lillian and Tim, to critique the hell out of other people via their homes :)
I am just curious to see how other people live.

My parents usually have a list of addresses to check out, but I've noticed that it's always rather disorganized/not kept together/composed of a bajillion post-its.

So for Father's Day, I made my dad a half-page notebook to organize his open house lists. It's a folded booklet of graphing paper, two inside-cover pockets, and a fold-out map of San Francisco's districts/neighborhoods. For the cover, I copied some of his hand-drafted blueprints (for this house, actually) and pasted it onto a harder cover (the back of the Chuck Mangione "Bellavia" cover...again. I never waste!) Elastic through the back and looped around the front. Kind of moleskine-y, but you know, with glue ripples. I need a wider flat brush to more evenly distribute glue. It's not a particularly pretty notebook, but it's very practical and very sturdily made. I think he likes it.

I definitely prefer the Ork poster, but it's not nearly as user-friendly. Maybe for my dorm room next school year...

Happy D-Day pwahahha!

By the way, I'm reminded of the first season of Secret Diary of a Call Girl (don't hate!) when Hannah and Ben go to an open house incognito as young, wealthy, first-time buyers and fuck around with the agent/the piano. How fun. Yet another reason why occupied spaces are more entertaining than vacant ones (which, yes, generously leave it all up to your well-tuned design-mind, but lends very little to your imaginative tongue).


Catch424 said...

That's a pretty cool Ork poster. But it's kinda funny that they label an area "downtown" as opposed to "tenderloin". I wonder if that's cause they don't live here or don't want to be rude to the neighborhood? Oh well, neat post :)

Connie said...

the ork poster is sold at a store i walk by like every day. it's a sign. i'm getting one.