Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Living Art, Part 2: Succulents + Vertical Gardens

From AT House Tour in Austin

Mmm succulents! Seeming to be able to withstand so much neglect, these plants have been going beyond the wreath and the centerpiece. Living art!:

Sunset images by E. Spencer Toy

Sunset Magazine's Modern Cottage was designed by Casper Mork-Ulnes of San Francisco's Modern Cabana. Very cool prefab!

Tillandsia wall in the Bardessono Hotel in Napa Valley. Epiphytic air plants attached via metal rods that only require weekly misting. By local Flora Grubb and recently featured in NY Times.

Sempervivum succulents seem ideal meh?

Vertical gardens have been around for a while starting with Patrick Blanc's living walls, but have recently been making a splash, as they act as living works of art perfect for small/urban spaces and require less water than traditional grounded gardens (perhaps much less of a splash, then?) Vertical farming is also an a' growin movement.

Make your own vertical garden! Kit from Smith & Hawken.

Vertical gardens around the world:

Residence Antilia - Mumbai, India

Big in Japan!

The Netherlands

Meanwhile, I am missing my little succulent (I think it's some sort of aloe?) that roommie Lauren is taking care of for me :(

San Francisco

602 Minnesota St.
San Francisco

6526 Yount Street
Yountville, CA 94599

By Patrick Blanc

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Thomas Riley York said...

I think that making a vertical garden shouldn't be too hard... a pretty wide metal mesh over more mossy soil? Then plants lots of succulents?

Might be my new home depot project...