Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another reason why I love our attic

There's a little courtyardish area in the attic that opens up to the sky. It is ah.. peninsula-ed... by windows and a glass door. But the way things are positioned, no one can see you! The attic is still being worked on and no one else is ever up there. Tan! It has become my favorite place in the house to read/be and is complete with little spider friendses and the occasional scary crow. Also, very importantly, decent wireless signal up there!

Want to get a little Persian rug to cover the metal grating, but this old wool runner works.

You can actually crawl atop the roof from here.

Is it too much to lean this poster of Nice against the wall? I love that it's washed off-white and want to maintain how clean it feels, although it would be awesome to stick a big-leafed podophyllum or similar in the right corner to hide that unsightly pipe.

I can't wait to be out here every sunny moment of summer!

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C. C. Mock said...

Nice! I'm referring to both your new found secret reading room & the poster! While there is plenty of lighting for reading, the spider friendses & crows add a chilling ambience! Esp. knowing how really quiet it is up there. Perhaps you can try a Stephen King novel or even better snuggle up to a Edgar A. Poe classic!
One question tho, do you leave the door open ;)?