Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All my Christmas gifts will be handmade

After getting into NYC, I realized how empty my bank account must be. I think I need a job that is not doing the Smith Phonathon anymore.

Not sure if I should even spend money on museum admissions!!!!!!!!!!!!
So my plans while here: sit in the library on 5th Ave. and 42nd St. writing papers... wait for my uncle to get off of work... take the subway back to Brooklyn.

Definitely not spending any money. Unless Fishs Eddy has cute cups on sale. Which - I just checked online - they certainly do. Dammit.

Anchor & Rope glass, Fishs Eddy, 2.75

Bird in Tree Cup, Fishs Eddy, 3.98


C. C. Mock said...

so you'll be at your uncle's for Thanksgiving again huh? HAVE lots of fun. We're making a Turducken again. Tim's family and my Dad(if he's not sick anymore) will be joining us. I went to the flower market today to get materials for table centerpieces and saw the most out of season but beautiful Peonies. Had to grab a couple of bunches. Then the total kinda shocked me. They were flown in from New Zealand. $20/bunch!!!! Good thing I put down the red ones, they were $30/bunch. Anyhow, well worth it since they look soooooooooo Elegant and just fantastic!

mockumentary said...

Please take pictures of the turducken! Maybe your stomachs before and after as well :)