Thursday, November 19, 2009

Smith College Campus Center

"Imagined as an en-route passage through the campus, the building is defined by interconnecting paths that challenge the boundary between inside and outside. These paths converge into a long, curved, skylit gallery that forms the core of the design. Spaces along the gallery house exhibition areas, performance spaces, dining facilities, lounges, mailrooms and a bookstore. A series of outdoor terraces connect the building’s communal spaces with the surrounding campus grounds."
- Weiss/Manfredi Architects

Photo: Bilyana Dimitrova via Yossawat

Photo: Bilyana Dimitrova via Yossawat

Photo: Weiss/Manfredi

I mention this because Eric Mabius from Ugly Betty was there for a photo shoot with The Boston Globe. Peeps who saw this happening said that they stuck to the Red Room and the balcony above it that houses the grand piano. Not surprising - the room is always warm and completely penetrated with so much natural light! Fireplace in the center of the room - so toasty! Nap-prone Emilys should not be doing reading here.
Our mahd-ohw should have a shave, yes?

Heh heh hehhh yup that is exactly how I sit in those rocking chairs.

Eric Mabius photos: Cheryl Senter for The Boston Globe

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J.T.Cat said...

This edifice astounds me.
I yearn for something so grand.