Monday, November 16, 2009

Browsing The Beholder

Guess who can't sleep because of two accidental naps/is avoiding Tuesday's assignments by doing reading for the rest of the week. I really like The Beholder because it's a bit more reigned in than Etsy. Sometimes you just don't want to have to browse through The Fugly.

"Ostrich" by Catherine Ledner

Ah man I love this one. I'm not so sure about her background colors. It's an ostrich! - a ridiculous/terrifying animal and luxe feathers. Needs a backdrop that is likewise ironic and luxe. I wish she did this on concrete floors, a gold wallpaper as background and a spotlight. The ostrich's head angle is perfect though, yeah? What a sallow bitch.

Suzanne Husky. I love her work. The first time I saw the Neon series, I had a dream in which I was attacked by her fluorescent jellyfish-succulent creations.

"Kogepan 6" by Suzanne Husky

"Kogepan 7" by Suzanne Husky

"Untitled 1" by Suzanne Husky

"Untitled 2" by Suzanne Husky

"Opening" by Jennifer O'Keeffe

Besides smirking/being annoyed, I'm not sure what to think about this photograph. Too common of a theme. Do you feel a bit inundated with all of it?
Also, Lowell to Tressle Path to Stonestown parking lot, Lowellites?

There were bats in our house (dorm) again. Apparently they travel through fireplaces... I used to be so happy that Lauren and I had an original 1892 fireplace in our room. Now I'm too scared to crouch down to see if it's sealed. Definitely going to be a cocoon-blankets night!

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J.T.Cat said...

Tressle Path, I'd forgotten it had a name. What a good name though.

Yes, I fee inundated with photos like this. Too ordinary.