Thursday, November 19, 2009

Slash + stilts

Headed to New York for Thanksgiving Break! I can see that most of my time will be spent on papers, but I am definitely going to check out the Slash: Paper Under the Knife exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design.

The Story of Art, by Georgia Russell, 2006

by Andreas Kocks

Eddy, by Mia Pearlman, 2008

Peaceable Kingdown, by Lane Twitchell, 2007

A Space Odyssey, by Ferry Staverman, 2008

Really makes me want to make something with my own X-Acto.

Also at MAD is the Fade-Out Chair by Nendo (of the Cabbage Chair!) It's clear acrylic painted over with trompe l'oeil wood grain such that the pattern fades away to create a floating impression. Too startling to be functional? How depressing - "I have no foundation."

Reminds me of one of Le Corbusier's Five Points. Pilotis: stilts of reinforced concrete that served to elevate the living space, create more space underneath the building and encourage ventilation.

In his Villa Savoye, 1927-8:

And Unite d'Habitation:, 1946-52:

I wish I could be in SF for the upcoming breaks. No Thanksgiving...two days in December...China (SHOES!) But still... :(

Slash photos: Wallpaper

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