Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cabbage Chair by Nendo

I posted this paper chair from the MoMA a while ago. Didn't cite and so I didn't remember the designer's name (only that it was japanese).

But it's being created and sold by Nendo!

Made with pleated paper reinforced with resins, it's shipped in a roll and peeled away layer by layer. Nendo Inc. says that 'the cabbage chair fits active, optimistic and forward-moving "21st century people", the kind of people who, to borrow a concept Miyake expressed during a meeting with us, "don't just wear clothes, but shed their skin".'
The last line is a little silly and I'd imagine the result of some tragic translating.

The chair at MoMA

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jo said...

OH HHOOO THAT looks cooler than before!