Tuesday, December 16, 2008

party density?

AT did a post on 'party architecture.' Proportion of people and sq footage in order to not have a lackluster party. But the table below, for realies?

"People make a party. But how many should you invite? The right density--the number of people in the room--depends on the type of party, and, to a lesser extent, the mood you want to set. This table suggests the right number of square feet per guest.

Divide the square feet of your party space by the number to get your target number of guests. Only include rooms where people will congregate. Why does a party often end up in the kitchen? (Answer: As a party distills to a core group people instinctively keep the density up by moving to a small room.) "
I wouldn't.
As Eric Theodore Cartman once said, "It's my hot body - I do what I want!"