Monday, December 8, 2008


I douse my food with pepper at nearly every meal. School salt and pepper shakers are dead fugly - typical restaurant depot. But look at these bad boys!

Taste down to a science. Chemistry salt and pepper $18

Wind-up rolling salt and pepper $38

Banana bros salt and pepper $36

This is also from Chiasso. Romeo and Julienne cutting board! Lawl!! Make this yourself though. So easy!

And the favorite, from MoMA. I nearly bought this. Certainly looked at it for a long time. But decided against the $29. What do you think, worth it in utility and pc-ness?

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fazed-girl said...

saw these at fisherman's wharf for slightly cheaper! near the MAGIC FAIRY store with the girl dressed as a fairy who asks if you want a fairy kiss (glitter on your face). I am not kidding.