Thursday, December 4, 2008

bright idea

Design Public makes these funny little bulb candles - CFL and incandescent! Too pricey though - $25 a merry pair.

Doubles as place card and napkin ring. I saw these at the MoMA Store. Now both display rings say E. Mock on them. Heh heh hehh!!

Green woven boxes. Meant to hold wedding favors, but how perfect for organizing stud earrings, buttons, and notions!

NY Times came out with their lists. Best art, architecture and design books list includes one on Le Corbusier. We've spent the last few weeks in class on his stuff. Can't say I like him and his creepy face and creepy glasses. I generally strongly dislike modernist architecture. Also because he designed for his ideal of the typical Person, who happened to be male and very much six-feet tall.

Villa Savoye by Corbu. Genius, especially in the interior layout, but me thinks too fugly to bear.

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