Sunday, January 17, 2010

On January 5th, two things happened

I almost got run over by a motorbike when I had green.
Actually, this happens several times a day.

Second: Buying stationary and fine-tipped pens are among my favorite things to do, but that day it sank my spirit and made me regret where I was.
I was crowded in a corner flipping through notebooks. Standing up straight, I backed lightly into some cardboard structure, which somehow sent some woman's cup of water flying, onto her pants, and into her spare boots. Ugly boots. Got yelled at. I was tempted to yell back, but when every one is so aggressive, all I feel is silent and apologetic agitation. (I've lost the combative urge?)
Lady was a b. Would not stop hollering to her coworkers about me until they told her to shutup because she was so embarrassing. Bad for business! Accordingly, I bought 4 fewer "Wonderful Hapy Daiy" notebooks than I had originally planned :)

I need to learn Shanghainese. Really resent feeling foreign, easy to beguile, and dependent. Ohg dammit - I just remembered that I know a lot of curse words in Shanghainese.

Additionally, the single children here have got to be the most egotistical little bastards. Darting eyeballs and swollen cheeks. My little brother is so great - although the chubby cheeks certainly apply :)

But most importantly, I'd forgotten how delicious the yogurt is here! And I love the market stalls so much - too fresh and abundant to believe.


C. C. Mock said...

I'm a fan of the yogurt too. Especially the clay pot that it comes in and you have to suck it all up right there and then! SOOOOO GOOOOOD

mockumentary said...

What?! What the hell is that; it sounds so fun and satisfying!