Friday, January 22, 2010

After a month in China...

I'm having trouble telling stories in English.

I can't stop converting everything into renminbi. Balls - even Forever21 feels too expensive. The only thing that's cheaper is coffee and I'm so glad for it.

The corner has been revived by two redecorated cafes/restaurants.

The 5 Fulton still smells the same.

Someone has graffitied the ugliest gash of black, white and orange on the entablature of the Hibernia Bank.

There's a new mural on Market and 6th.

The ornaments I wanted to make into necklaces have gone on sale for $2, so I bought two and tried to memorize the ones that I can make.

I really am starting to like pink. Proof by this recent purchase.


Thomas Riley York said...

Yeah, Shenzhen feels so much shadier (but often in an exciting way) than Hong Kong Island. I think I got taken for a ride once in one of the Taxi's, diu indeed! Hong Kong island is pretty much party heaven, but I'm spending so much money. I'm just going to start drinking baijiu - 15 hkd, 8 rmb if buying in Shenzhen - for about 500 ml of 112 proof sorghum liquor. Tastes a little like diesel.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!

Thomas Riley York said...

I hope that at some point my divide-everything-by-eight-to-figure-out-value habit just turns into an internalized understanding of the currency. Same for celsius!

I went to Shenzhen on Saturday, but only with 500 HKD. Next time, I'm going to go back with enough bank to make it rain, I need that fake Breitling watch!