Saturday, December 19, 2009

do it yoself: holiday ornament as kiddie necklace

Fairy Slipper Ornament, Anthro, 11.20

Fairy Slipper Ornament, Anthro, 11.20

Saithe Ornament, Anthro, 12.60

Brush Pony Ornament, Anthro, 9.80

Or make your own felted cuties? String or ribbon one or several into a chunky necklace for your nearest and dearest little chubster/kid?

Is that a silly idea? I'm sitting in the library, taking an Anthro/tea break from this take home exam. What is it called when you know what you should be saying but can't muster the strength or don't feel to urge to just type it out? - Mental. Constipation.

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Christine said...

I feel you. dude, I'm still at 1 and a half pages. but I don't feel any urgency whatsoever.