Thursday, December 24, 2009

HOot, HOot, HOot!

In the days before finals (fueled by lots of black tea and dark chocolate with espresso beans), I accidentally spent hours making cards and envelopes to mail to the peeps for whom I give a hoot (whose addresses I have):

Merry Christmas!

With initials in the lightbulb :)

Made a series of deep blue and gold envelopes out of reversed UO bags. Thrif-ty!:

Things got a bit cut off by an unforgiving scanner. Hope you lucky Bs like those cards!

Maybe when Lillian and I get it together, we'll finally post it on Etsy. Is it foolish to think that people would pay for this? More importantly, will we end up on Regretsy?!?!


Now that the semester is over, time for summer internship and study abroad applications... in China! Fly out on Christmas Day. I'm excited to spend lots of time on planes - I do my best thinking with recycled air and dry contacts :)


Christine said...

i already expressed my liking for your cards.

Samantha said...

You definitely should be on etsy, woman.

Connie said...

etsy it up, yo

jo said...

thank you thank you thank you! theyre on my wall. :)