Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Living Art, Part 3: Woolly Pocket Living Walls

Photos: Woolly Pocket Living Walls

Pockets made from recycled plastic bottles aw! Their website is so adorable - nay "cart," yay "shopping pocket!" Too cute to handle! But too many photos of naked girls - message of urban Garden of Eden?

In any case, as a way of merging outside with inside, how beautiful would it be to have a cascading vertical garden made of these Woolly Pockets instead of a headboard! Only if this bedroom had enough natural light.
As in replacing the yellow canvas/series of prints below with lush, possibly edible greenery:

Photos: Domino before it died

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1 comment:

C. C. Mock said...

I love the plant wall! I'm thinking about doing one, but where can I put it?