Monday, February 1, 2010

do it yoself: petal cushion

I loved this in a very old Anthro catalog. Clipped it out and kept it in the back of my planner for the longest time. They had a pair at ABC Home back in November, but it was incredibly dirty.

I think the felted woodland scene around the base would work best in a child's room (ELLA!!), so I made a version of the stool with just the seat:

Template, trace, cut, sew. Half an hour :)

Next to the Tibetan-print pillow I took from my aunt's house, it's apparent that we're starting to like red in Room 207:

One of the things Lillian and I plan on selling on Etsy in red and other colors... when it happens...


Lady Ren said...

really cute. I like the petal seat cover along with the mismatched but beautiful Tibetan pillow.
I like your new posts.

jo said...


miss you.