Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things I didn't know but am very happy to know


IKEA lowered their prices. Mmm cheap, short-lived, birch goods!


Henry-Russell Hitchcock, one of the most distinguished architectural historians of all time and the scholar who defined the International Style, taught at Smith for a long time and was the Museum's director from 1949-55?!

I had no idea - even after writing a paper on his 1932 exhibition at the MOMA. I think I need to improve my research skills a bit?

Really wish he had not died and still taught here. Some people deserve a little Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone :)


Actually, those are the only two notable things from today that excite me and might excite you. HAHAHAH
But I'll say! - they're pretty major and I'm still reeling from hugemongo Item 2.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy! And if tomorrow is a snow day and this paper isn't due... Ahh!! Yes!!

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