Saturday, February 27, 2010


The greatest thing about antique shops: entering absolutely sacred space. But they always seem to have creaky-crisp floorboards and I always seem to be wearing heels. Bull in china shop!
But it's so sweet: things that used to be common, used to be cheap, but now - provenance!

Frequent visits to Northampton Antiques lately. They have several shoe boxes of old/used postcards. I love the ones which have been sent - the best sort of voyeurism.

Dear Ma,
Got here alright and am having a fine time. I am not homesick because Raymond makes me laugh. I like it here. Louise was surprised to see me.

Your daughter,


- NYC to Belchertown, MA, March 20, 1912
St. Patrick's Cathedral

Dear Gladys,
This card came from Venice in Italy, don't you think it pretty? Received Mama's letter yesterday and will write at once.
Kiss Norman for me.

Love IS (?) all,

Aunt May

- Medford, MA to West Medford, MA, November 18, 1906
Chiesa della Salute

Ah this handwriting is so lovely! And where did she get that incredibly fine-tipped pen?!

I looked up the distance between Medford and West Medford: 2 miles/4 minutes. Could seem laughable, but it's so endearing! Aunt May knows what's up - always snail mail your friends/family and thank you letters.


Samantha said...

omg. I love old postcards. We should go to the antique store off Sunset Blvd and go through all their postcards. I bought one for $4 one time. ...It was totally worth it.

mockumentary said...

Mmm yes! Can't recall an antique store off Sunset at the moment.