Saturday, February 13, 2010

Over the course of this day, I have seen this girl everywhere. She's tiny and dressed like a fluorescent clown or an otherwise eccentric old woman (you know, who has shakily applied black eyeliner, two perfect circles of rouge, coral lips, and an orange fur coat).

The thing is though, she's not following me - it seems that I'm the one stalking her. She always gets there first:
Walked past her sitting by herself at a table during brunch.
Printed articles after her in the art library.
Queued up behind her to get butternut bisque at dinner.
Finally, I'm in the science library. After ascending the steps and rounding the corner, out of all the rows and rows of stacks, she was already at the end of the aisle I've chosen to walk down, crouching over in a high chair. She hears (knows?!) me coming. Still hunched, she swivels around to confront me.

Surreal. Is she magic? Some reincarnated parrot? At all real, or just imagined?

I am going to have nightmares tonight!

Image: embroidery on photo by Maurizio Anzeri
via Le Z
èbre bleu, one of my favorite blogs!
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